Cultivate Her THIS FRIDAY!!

I’ve been hanging out at the Velocity Conference hosted by yesterday and today.  It’s been a great time to connect with some great church leaders!

Yesterday my dear friend and mentor Sherry Surratt led a break-out discussion about “Engaging Women in Leadership”.  Its exciting to see this topic growing in church circles and I love to get the chance to talk more about it.  I also had the opportunity to share what we’re doing with “Cultivate Her”.  It makes me so proud to be working with a team of women who are passionate about creating leadership environments for the women of Nashville.

Don’t Forget! Our next Cultivate Her event is THIS FRIDAY, February 26th at 7:00 AM.  You can RSVP HERE.

If you don’t live in the Nashville area, I encourage you to join the discussion on the Cultivate Her blog!!

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  • Nicole H February 24, 2010  

    Jenni…it was a pleasure meeting you at Velocity. I anticipate the day when we are able to sit and talk more. I walked away from Velocity with so many challenges to conquer. One of which is to learn more about the ministry you started in Nashville…Cultivate Her. Here in Seymour, we don't have or I am unaware of similar opportunities for women. Would you be willing to share with me ways in which to bring women together here for encouragement, leadership development and mentoring. This is something I need but also believe God is calling me to help lead out in this area as well.