Friday Fun – Happy Birthday to Me!

6:43 AM

34 years ago today…

Enter Me.

I love birthdays!  I really do.  My family was also very good at celebrating them.  It was the one day of the year that I felt moderately comfortable getting extra attention.

I’ve tried to analyze my love of celebrating my birthday.  Truth is I kind of feel guilty now as an adult for still wanting to make a big deal out of my birthday.  But I think I’ve pinpointed why I love them so much…

Birthdays are a little taste of freedom for me. As an achiever I’m always trying to win your approval and earn your respect.  My birthday is the one day you love and affirm me for just being me.

In addition to that, birthdays are a time for me to pause and reflect on what I’m doing with my life. Am I living my God-given potential?  Are there goals I need to set?  Dreams I need to accomplish?  People I need to pour into?

So here’s to birthdays!

When is your birthday and how do you like to celebrate it?

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  • Judy March 12, 2010  

    Happy Birthday Jenni! We haven't met, but our friends, Brandi and Donna, think we should. So what a great day to read your blog and connect a face with a name. I'll celebrate by spending time with my best girls when I turn 45 in June. Any day to eat cake without excuse is a GOOD day! 🙂

  • Lindsey_Nobles March 12, 2010  

    Happy Birthday. Looking forward to hanging out Sunday!

  • Tina March 12, 2010  

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! Eat a BIG cupcake with LOTS of icing!!!!!!!! (eat one for me too!!) Hope you have a great day!!

  • JasonWert March 12, 2010  

    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    You deserve free lunch on your big day
    So make Pete buy it for you!

  • Jonathan March 12, 2010  

    Jenni, I hope you have a great birthday!

    You're a great encourager and an exemplary leader…so proud to know you.

  • jcatron March 12, 2010  

    Thanks for all the birthday love, friends!

  • Casie Stevens March 12, 2010  

    Wow, what a great perspective on birthdays:) I'm going to have to put you on speed dial so you can talk me through my big 3-0 in September! (I am not nearly as excited about it as you are about your birthday today.) Have a great day, Super Sweetness – looking forward to seeing you again soon!

    • jcatron March 13, 2010  

      The 30's are great! Don't worry Casie!

  • DawnBryant March 12, 2010  

    Happy Birthday! Yet another thing we've found in common…love birthdays…so much that I create my own month-long holiday…wild 🙂

    • jcatron March 13, 2010  

      Dawn – it's a little crazy how much we have in common!

  • Amy March 12, 2010  

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Jan Owen March 12, 2010  

    January 3. By my birthday, everyone is a)broke and b) on a diet. They are tired of partying. 🙂 So it's a bit of a challenge. I've toyed with the idea of celebrating in June instead but that's when my anniversary and all my kids birthdays are! So sometimes we go away for a night or I ask for a day at the spa with dinner afterwards. I like time with friends and occasionally we invite friends over. But many times we just do something with Phil and me….

    • jcatron March 13, 2010  

      Oh Jan, that is a bad time of year for a birthday!

  • Margaret March 13, 2010  

    i loved seeing you this morning! I'm looking forward to celebrating tomorrow!!

  • Hilda March 15, 2010  

    Im glad Birthdays are a good memory for both of us! I love you and I hope you had a good one! Looking forward to next year!