Sunday Highlights

Inside Out by Pete Wilson

Matthew 5:17, 21-24, 27-30

Jesus isn’t so much about religion as he is about reality.

God is not glorified by you reluctantly submitting to rules but rather by joyfully submitting to him.

That’s what we do with Christianity.  We boil it down to a few things that we reluctantly do.

It’s not about doing.  It’s about being.

It’s not what you do.  It’s who you become. John Ortberg

Jesus taught to guard your heart, not just edit your behavior.

Ask yourself the question: “What’s going on in my heart?”

As long as you keep it about the action, you can easily justify your behavior.  When you make it about the heart, it becomes very personal.

You are setting yourself up for implosion in your life if you put yourself into situations where you have the opportunity for your heart to be known, but you withhold information and are not 100% accountable.

Questions to Consider this week:

  • How is your heart?
  • Is there anyone you’re angry at right now?
  • Is there anyone you need to forgive?
  • Have you noticed that there is some lust that has come up in your life, that is dominating your thoughts?
  • Have you been gossiping about anyone this week, tearing others down with your words?
  • Got any secrets?

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  • Lindsey_Nobles March 22, 2010  

    Loved the part about accountability being an all or nothing proposition. It is so true that we have a tendency to leave out the real stuff that needs to be exposed.

  • Lindsey_Nobles March 22, 2010  

    On an unrelated note. I just added the next and previous thing to my blog too. But yours is prettier…was that a part of your template?

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