Happy Birthday Sara!

Today Sara turns 34.

Sara was my best friend growing up.  We met the first day of first grade and developed a bond that lasted into high school…

And then I moved away.

And I haven’t talked to her since.

I think of Sara every year on this date.

I remember…

  • sleepovers with lots of laughs, good movies & great books
  • dressing up as The Wright Brothers for our 4th grade history presentation
  • Sara punching a boy on the playground because he made fun of me (I should mention the boy cried)
  • double-dutch contests
  • Sara was the first person to get me to pick up a tennis racket and recruited me to the varsity team
  • the tragic loss of Sara’s older brother in a car accident in high school

Sara had a marked influence on my life and I miss her.

I’m sure she’s gone on to do something amazing.  She’s insanely intelligent, gentle and humble.

I’m making a point to track her down.  She isn’t on Facebook, Twitter or other social media that I know of.  That doesn’t surprise me, though.  Sara was always very practical and focused.  She’s probably too busy changing the world!

So today, in honor of Sara…

I challenge you to remember someone in your life who had a marked influence on you, track them down and tell them what they mean to you!

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