Always the Fool

I’ve never liked April Fools Day much.  I’m a little a lot too serious to find the humor in the practical jokes and antics that others seem to enjoy on this day.

There really are two types of people when it comes to April Fools Day:

  1. The pranksters who concoct the craziest of antics to make another look the fool
  2. The fools who fall for this stuff

Perhaps my disdain for the day has mostly to do with the fact that I fall in category 2 – the fools.

I might find the day much more enjoyable if I crossed over to the other side.

So beware my friends.  You might see a completely different side of me today! 🙂

Which camp do you fall into?  The fooler or the fooled?

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  • JasonWert April 1, 2010  

    I'm always the fooler.

    In Springfield, MO with my last blog I had some killer pranks.

    Two years ago, I posted that I was running for Mayor complete with campaign signs and a "rally" scheduled for 5pm that day. I had to announce it was a joke at 2pm because I had all three TV stations, three radio stations and two newspapers hounding me for interviews and statements.

    A year ago, I posted that the Springfield Park Department was having a free summer concert series that included people like Robert Plant. A lineup so big even New York City couldn't afford it. The Parks Department had to send out a press release to the media that it was April 1st. I had to call that one off by 10am because of the response.

  • Maranda April 1, 2010  

    I'm the fooler, but I try to do harmless things. ( Once, I filled my bosses office with little cups of water all over the floor. Muahahaha .) I hate being embarrassed myself, so I try to things that will get a good laugh, rather than turn someone red. I kind of skipped it today. Sigh. Couldn't think of anything good.

  • Hilary Barnett April 1, 2010  

    I am with you, I am ALWAYS the fooled! It already started yesterday, I fell for one of my friends posting on twitter that she was pregnant. I always seem to forget when this day rolls around, and I am already a gullable person. Not a good combination!

    • jcatron April 1, 2010  

      Hilary – so glad I'm not the only one!

  • Grant Jenkins April 1, 2010  

    Historically speaking, I am the prankster. However, I am proud to announce that everyone has escaped my wrath this year. 🙂

  • Chrstopher Hopper April 3, 2010  

    I'm definitely the fooled. While most people think of me as the creative sort (which I am), not to mention charismatic, over the top, and wild, when it comes to April Fools, I'm simply too busy to even remember it's the first of April. And as a result, I get nailed. Relentlessly. My greatest strengths are also my greatest weaknesses when it comes to planned pranks. (I prefer the spontaneous). ch:

  • alece April 4, 2010  

    i wanna hear about the pranks you pulled!