Friday Fun

Today’s Friday Fun is just a rundown of my week and my random thoughts… enjoy!

  • I started my week off by joining the Faith Promise team for their staff retreat.  I had a blast with these guys.  Such a great team!
  • In my musings this week I’ve determined that I’m not really a blogger… I’m a leader who happens to blog.  I wish I was a better blogger.  Got any tips for me?
  • I’m convinced that local honey works for allergies.  I went two days without eating any and my allergies blew up!
  • ONE WEEK until April’s Cultivate Her event! I announced our panel speakers who will be talking about the subject of confidence.  So excited!  Have you RSVP’d?
  • My dad and his girlfriend are coming into town this weekend.  Dad and Merlyn are doing some golfing, the girls will do some shopping and they’ll all be able to watch Jes and I cross the finish line for the Country Music 1/2 Marathon!
  • Speaking of the 1/2 Marathon… really praying it’s not a tornado infested, violent hail storm like they’re predicting tomorrow morning.
  • Cleaning the house… always cleaning the house
  • Really wish I had been able to go to Catalyst West this week… enjoyed all the tweets about it!
  • Planning to post some updates about Faith, Hope & Love and the Bellevue Campus tomorrow – so exciting!

How’s your weekend shaping up?  Make sure you enjoy it!

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One comment

  • Jessica April 24, 2010  

    So glad I got to spend yesteraday with you and do the race with you! Love you!