Friday Fun

It’s a little late in the day for my Friday Fun post, but here it is anyway…

Today was such a full, inspiring day!

  • We kicked off the day bright & early with Cultivate HerConfidence was the subject of the day and I was joined by a great panel of women to help discuss the subject.  I walked away from this morning so encouraged.  I heard so many great comments… so many stories of how this was exactly what they needed to hear… so many reasons to remind me why we need leadership development for women!
  • Happy Birthday wishes to my GG Rachel!  Can’t wait to celebrate with you next week!!
  • I bought a pair of shoes on clearance 🙂
  • Took a walk through the Bellevue Campus.  15 days until launch.  Screens and projectors were being installed today.  So exciting to see it taking shape!
  • Got some good news that I’m looking forward to announcing soon.
  • Went for a long walk.  Got a little crazy and chose “shuffle” on my ipod for my walking tunes. 😉
  • Tackled some email and a few work issues
  • Discovered that my tomato plant has it’s first baby tomato!

Have a great weekend!

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  • Lindsey_Nobles May 1, 2010  

    sad i missed cultivate her…looking forward to catching up!