Too Close to Home

I finally went for a run tonight.  The last four days have been so wild the last thing I’ve thought about was exercise, but tonight I had to get out.

I was somewhat prepared for what I’d find.  I knew my running route would look far different than it ever has before.  But, I still wasn’t ready for the emotional impact of it.  As I ran around piles of debris, mask-wearing homeowners carrying stacks of drywall to the curb, other neighbors wandering aimlessly in shock, I couldn’t help but feel guilty that my house is ok.  I’m just 2 or 3 blocks away and my life looks completely different than theirs.

This flood damage is absolutely overwhelming.

There’s a distinct smell in the air.  I’ll never forget this smell.

There are conflicting emotions of somberness and hopefulness.  There are people who are optimistic and apparently peaceful and those who burst into tears or seem to still be in shock.

The needs are great.  The road will be long.


If you live in the Nashville area and are available to help, please join us for the following volunteer days:

Thursday, May 6th
Friday, May 7th
Saturday, May 8th
Saturday, May 15th
Saturday, May 22nd
Saturday, May 29th

Meet at the Bellevue Campus (7669 Hwy. 70 South, Nashville, 37221) from 9 AM-4 PM!  For more details, check out the Cross Point website.

If you live outside the Nashville area and are looking for a way to help, your donations will make a huge difference.  All donations will go directly to help flood victims in the Nashville and surrounding communities.

How to give:

  1. Donate online HERE
  2. Mail a check to Cross Point Church 4301 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37209.  Make checks payable to Cross Point Community Church with “Flood Relief” in the memo line.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  We are so grateful!

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