This is Our Moment!

Leaders emerge in the heat of the moment.

That statement may not sound overly profound, but I’ve never found it to be more true than this week.

My boss began making critical decisions from the moment we realized the worst was inevitable.  That’s leadership.

Three Cross Point guys found a way through waste deep rushing water to rescue a widow who was neck deep in water in her home.  They literally carried her several blocks through that water to safety.  That’s leadership.

My husband and the rest of MNPD SWAT team worked a straight 36 hours and then have been working 12 hour shifts indefinitely to protect our city.  That’s leadership.

The Cross Point staff have given up their weekend to lead volunteer teams in disaster relief.  That’s leadership.

Hundreds of volunteers have gone into neighborhoods and helped families who were paralyzed by shock begin to make sense of what they need to do.  That’s leadership.

People all over our city have rallied to find ways to raise funds for disaster relief.  That’s leadership.

This may be one of the longest, scariest, most stressful weeks of my life… and yet I’ve been so inspired by the leaders who have stepped up to pull our city through this.

I’m so proud of the people of our community!  I love you Nashville!

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  • rebeccannb May 7, 2010  

    You have a wonderful community there! I have been encouraged in reading about how everyone is coming together to help each other out!

  • Lisa Syler May 7, 2010  

    You are so right, Jenni! Makes us proud to be Tennesseans, Cross Pointers, and leaders! Wish I could help but had arm surgery yesterday so am down for a while! thank-you for leading us!

  • Chrstopher Hopper May 7, 2010  

    Praying for you and your entire community. Great insight in the midst of the storm.

  • John May 7, 2010  

    I've been watching and praying over here in California, and MY heart swells when I see what you guys are doing over there. I'm loving the heart of Crosspoint from a couple thousand miles away. 🙂

  • Rachel May 7, 2010  

    Hey don't forget to add yourself to that list!! I know that you've been busting your tail just as hard! THANK YOU for all that you do and I am proud of YOU, our church staff, our church and the hundreds of volunteers that have made it out everyday!! I am so glad that God chose us to do HIS work!!

  • Sunny Cain May 7, 2010  

    I am in awe at the ways your church has stepped up in this disaster. I pray that the arms of Christ are continued to extend into your life and the lives of your community. May God use this for His glory and strengthen His servants that are seeking to be His hands and feet!