What’s Your “Tick”?

It’s that time of year.

When these:

Decide to be best buds with him:

The first one or two times I discovered one of these nasty, blood-sucking critters on my precious pup I was pretty grossed out, but over time and repeated episodes, it’s just part of our normal routine.

As I was removing two ticks from Mick this morning with very little drama except for a yell up the stairs to my husband to see if it was time to give Mick another dose of Frontline, I realized I get this way about the ticks on my own life.

How quickly I grow accustomed to the nasty, life-sucking sins that repeatedly latch on to me.  Whether it be anger, insecurity, pride… these “ticks” become such a normal part of my life that I begin to just live with them rather than get worked up by the nastiness they create in my life.

What’s stuck to you… sucking the life out of you and become so normal that it doesn’t even gross you out anymore?

What’s your “tick”?

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  • Melinda May 17, 2010  

    Well, that certainly made me reevaluate those "hangers-on" with which I seem to have made a sick sort of peace. Wow.

    Wish they made Front-Line for humans.

  • Elaine May 17, 2010  

    Good analogy. I'll have to think about that for awhile.

  • Sherie May 17, 2010  

    I have been thinking this weekend about how our past can often keep us from "pressing on" and "running the race" because something has not been resolved. It can be one of those nasty, life-sucking sins that repeatedly latch on to me because it keeps me from being who God wants me to be. I definitely have lived with it at times instead of overcoming and moving on.

    • jcatron May 18, 2010  

      So true, Sherie!

  • Charissa Steyn May 18, 2010  

    Hi Jenni… ohhh I hate ticks- absolutely disgusting!! I think the "tick" that I am getting use to is negative thinking, discouraging thoughts… this should NEVER be a regular activity of a Jesus lover. Lord help me remove this completely from my life and think only on that which is pleasing to you! Thanks for the beautiful post Jenni!

  • hilarybarnett May 18, 2010  

    I would say it is definitely leaning on my own abilities and not on God. Repeatedly God tries to show me that I can't do it on my own, but somehow I continue to rely on myself. I am realizing that if I don't want to go around the same mountain a hundred times, I have to surrender it all to Him and allow Him to use me in a position of response to His calling, not one of selfish drive and ambition. Thanks for this post Jenni!

    • jcatron May 20, 2010  

      Ouch Hilary! I can relate to that too well.

  • Gloria May 19, 2010  

    I would say that the "tick" that's stuck to me would be insecurity – which I honestly believe God is specifically giving me the opportunity to deal with it.

    • jcatron May 20, 2010  

      Oh, I deal with that one too Gloria!