An Epic Weekend

I keep pinching myself.

It’s hard to believe it’s really happening…

The launch of Cross Point Bellevue!

This campus has been well over a year in the making and it’s hard to believe we’re just two days away from opening the doors for the very first worship service.

After months of craziness including…

  • hunting down the facility
  • purchasing our first piece of property
  • recruiting a fabulous campus pastor
  • leading a capital campaign in a tough economic year
  • casting vision to our church and asking people to become part of this launch team
  • navigating the renovation process and learning more about metro codes than I ever want to know
  • responding to a natural disaster in the heart of this community

I can’t wait to see the doors open with hundreds worshiping together:

THIS Sunday, May 23rd

9:00 & 11:00 AM

Cross Point Bellevue

God, may you be honored in this place!

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  • Jenny Surratt May 20, 2010  

    I am so excited too! It is going to be a great campus.

    • jcatron May 20, 2010  

      We couldn't have done it without amazing volunteers like YOU Jenny!!

  • rebeccannb May 20, 2010  

    I'm so excited for you guys!

    • jcatron May 20, 2010  

      Thank you Rebecca!

  • gitz May 20, 2010  

    So thrilled that your hard work is coming to fruition. Will be praying for you all his weekend!

    • jcatron May 20, 2010  

      Thank you so much Gitz!

  • jeff henderson May 20, 2010  

    Praying for the team. We love Cross Point!


  • alece May 20, 2010  

    so excited with and for you guys! and i wish i could be there this weekend! praying for y'all! (i've lived in the south too long if this new yorker is saying 'y'all'!)

  • Jessica May 21, 2010  

    IM SOOOOO excited!

  • Grant Jenkins May 21, 2010  

    It's going to be amazing! Nashville is still "my" campus, but I'll be at Bellevue this weekend! 🙂

  • Jan Owen May 21, 2010  

    Proud of y'all! (and especially you Jenni) I know how much hard work this is. Wish I could be there to be a part of things. Praying for God's great anointing and joy to be present!