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  • Morgan June 24, 2010  

    I am eagerly anticipating 3 things: 1.) After 6 looooong years, paying off all my credit card debt next month! 2.) I've decided to check out what being in a small group and an authentic community is all about, and will do this Sunday. And 3.) the absolute perfect moment to switch phone plans so I, too, can have an iPhone! muahahahaha! :oD

    • jcatron June 24, 2010  

      Morgan – those are three great things to be excited about!

  • Lori June 24, 2010  

    My phone ships soon and will get here the first week of July. So … yes … I'll be anticipating for a while.

    But mostly I'm anticipating our summer break. This is our last weekend before a few weekends off. Very exciting.

  • Jessica June 25, 2010  

    Spending time with you! LIke I do every week!!! and switching phone plans so I can join the Iphone fun!