Telling The Story

Story-telling comes naturally.

… It’s the long-winded tale you made up to explain to your mom how her antique vase mysteriously crashed and broke into 1000 pieces.

… It’s the hours I played outside with my Tonka trunks and Barbies creating the stories of lives interwoven.

… It’s the hours that you and your friends played Star Wars and elaborated on elements of a story that you knew so well.

… It’s the scribbles of a novel that I started as an 8 year old when I was convinced I was going to be an author.

Story comes naturally.

And yet oftentimes we lose our affinity for telling a story as we grow up lost in the details of simply living our story.

As church communicators we have to embrace the power of telling the story.  We get the privilege of communicating “the greatest story ever told”.  Have you really thought about that?  Do you understand the weight and responsibility… and privilege you’ve been entrusted with?

That’s powerful!

And that’s why I’m so excited about STORY

Founded by one of the most brilliant creative minds I know, I know that Story will be an experience that will push you to dream, to think and to pursue the power of story!

Sept 23-24
Chicago, IL

STORY is a conference for the creative class in ministry on September 23-24, 2010 at Park Community Church in downtown Chicago. The purpose is to fuel the church’s artists, writers and producers in communicating the greatest story ever told. You’ll hear from some of the best creative practitioners in both ministry and the marketplace, from filmmakers and authors to actors and musicians.


And just for some Friday Fun… What was the best story that you made up as a kid?

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  • Morgan June 25, 2010  

    I don't know that I remember any actual stories–there were plenty of times that my friends and I spent virtually every recess pretending we were horses and would race and race around the playground. I recall having an imaginary friend named Robert for a small amount of time before he "moved away." LOL…and then really anything else were the little fibs I told to attempt from getting into trouble. Like when I was about 8 or 9 and pushed my twin brother off a bridge and into a creek. I do believe that story entailed Ryan leaning over the edge and I reached out to grab him but missed. (My bad!! Looking back I'm glad he didn't hit his head on a rock!)