Chronicle – a chronological record of events; a history.

This weekend at Cross Point we begin our new series “Chronicles – the Chronicles of the Parables of Jesus.

I think it’s going to be a pretty cool series as all of our teaching pastors take on a couple of the parables and give us insight into the meaning and application for us today.

Here’s a sneak peek:


Interesting bit: Pastor Tom Tyndall who is the reader in this video piece officially begins his retirement today.  I’m so thrilled that he was able to be a part of this series even though he’ll be traveling and enjoying time with family for the next few weeks.

Pastor Tom has been an amazing pastor, friend and encourager to me and I’m so thankful for how he faithfully served Cross Point for over 7 years and the kingdom for 40 years!  What an amazing accomplishment!

We love you Tom!  I’m praying that you enjoy every minute of this new chronicle in your life!

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