Friday Fun

Ahhh, I love Fridays!

I actually have a full day planned today, but all things that I am looking forward to.  Here’s what’s on my mind today:

  • Excited about a collaborative meeting with a few of my favorite women to brainstorm long-term plans for Cultivate Her.
  • Had the privilege of talking with Greg Darley this week and learning more about Backstage Leadership.  If you are looking for an intensive, leadership development opportunity where you can connect and learn from some amazing leaders, check this program out.  They start another class this fall!
  • My dog is crazy today.  C R A Z Y !  I can’t figure out what he needs… he’s pacing like a mad man!
  • Just started the book Strong Women, Soft Hearts by Paula Rinehart.  Really great book that I first heard about from Jessica and Angie for Bloom Book Club.  Just read the chapter on desire and am wondering if I really know the true desires of my heart.
  • Gotta register for Story today.  Only a little over 100 seats left and best rate ends today.  Are you going?
  • Right now a 5 mile hot, humid run is ahead of me.
  • Maybe the pool tomorrow…

Love the summer!

What’s your plan for this weekend?

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  • stephenbateman July 16, 2010  

    I was in Backstage last year (and this year)! It's a great program, worth checking out.


  • Rindy Walton July 17, 2010  

    I read Strong Women, Soft Hearts a little while ago. I might have to pull it back out to read again!

  • Sherie July 17, 2010  

    I hope I get a chance to say hello face to face at Story. It would be great to meet you.
    How is the community recovering from the floods? Still praying for all of you.