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We wrapped up the Chronicles series today at Cross Point.  I started out at the Nashville campus and then headed to Bellevue to celebrate baptisms at their 11:00 AM service.  Today was our first baptism Sunday for this campus – such a special milestone.

The reality of four campuses continues to be an interesting dynamic.  Today I found myself wandering around trying to figure out my place and how I could best serve our teams.  The beauty of this model is that it forces you to raise up leaders.  The challenge of this model for me is to find my place and to adequately support our teams at all the campuses.

Here are my notes from Pete’s message today.  Very challenging and very healing.

The Unmerciful Servant by Pete Wilson

This could be one of the most difficult parables to live out.

Matthew 18:23-25

This teaching goes against the very cultural grain of life.

The servant is facing a debt that he can never repay.

Culturally we operate with the mentality “you do wrong to me, I’m gonna get you back.”

Unresolved bitterness contaminates everything.

Bitterness from your past will ruin your present and future relationships.

Hebrews 12:14-15

Forgiving is not condoning. It’s not excusing the injustice that’s been done to you.

Forgiving is not reconciling.

Forgiveness is giving up your right to hurt them back. You let go of your right to get even.

Ultimately the only thing that will bring healing to your life is forgiveness.  The only thing that costs more than forgiveness is unforgiveness. Unforgiveness will cost you your heart.

Challenge: Put the burden down.

If you stay chained to that bitterness and unforgiveness and you’ll never be able to fully trust anyone in your life again.

Is there someone in your life that you need to forgive?

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  • Sherie August 8, 2010  

    I agree that the only thing that costs more than forgiveness is unforgiveness, however sometimes it is not the person who is unforgiving who pays that cost. Unforgiveness also can leave the other person trapped in a place they don't want to be. It can control and chain them. I have seen this in broken marriages, in legal disputes, in church conflicts, and I have felt it myself. I continue to try to forgive and let go 100% but it easy for bitterness and frustration to sneak back in when there is no forgiveness from other side. Thankfully the Lord is big enough to help us through and to assure us of his forgiveness even when forgiveness from man is not available.