A Perfect Little Day

I’m enjoying this great little book, Unwritten Travels, written by my friend Jenny Black.

One of the exercises in the book is to describe how you would spend an ENTIRE DAY if you could do whatever you wanted?

Here’s mine:

On a beach… in the fall

Sun is out, but temp is moderate

Walking, reading, praying

Sitting in silence

Not hurrying

Not worrying

What would your day look like?

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  • Linnae August 9, 2010  

    goodness. my answer right now is based on the fact that it is 105 degrees every single day. but none the less I would have to say……

    in a cabin in the mountains, where i have no reception or internet, and can read, pray, seek God, drink coffee, warm by day so I can hike and such, and cool at night so that i need a sweater.

    now you've got me wanting a vacation =)

  • Morgan August 9, 2010  

    oh I love this! My perfect little day would also be in the fall…maybe about 70-75 degrees. Leaves turned but only a few scattered on the ground. If my horse were still alive, that would be the day that he and I would ride literally all day out on wooded trails. The only sounds would be nature, the wind, me talking and his occasional snorts. The smell would be that of Fall–something about the leaves drying out that creates such a wonderful smell–that mixed with the scent of my horse's sweat. (You'd have to be a horse lover to truly appreciate that smell.) We might stop so he can graze and I can read. Or we might just keep going until the air becomes brisk and the sun starts sinking behind the trees.

    I know this perfect little day well because I've had several just like it and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I miss my perfect day buddy.

  • brandiandboys August 9, 2010  

    i have so been meaning to pick that up and read it.

    perfect day would also be on the beach… warm temps with a breeze… under an umbrella. quiet with a good fiction book. and honestly, i'd love to have pete along or a girlfriend or two.

    and that day would rival a good hike in the woods! 🙂

  • jcatron August 9, 2010  

    You all are describing some FABULOUS days!

  • Jan Owen August 10, 2010  

    hmmm. i don't know. sadly, i'd have to say it's the day we sell our house. 🙂 But that is not really the spirit of the question!

    I WANT THIS BOOK! Sounds fun!