The Trap of Being Needed

** This is a pondering left over from this past Sunday.  Have you ever felt this way?

I wasn’t needed today.

3000 +  attendees

25 staff

Hundreds of volunteers

Baptism at one campus

Communion at the others

And I wasn’t needed.

I wasn’t needed to:

  • Solve a problem
  • React to a crisis
  • Identify something that was missed
  • Be worship assistant
  • Substitute for a campus pastor

Nope.  Everyone was there playing their part and I wasn’t needed… actually, I wasn’t needed for the obvious or urgent.

I WAS needed though, for what I really ought to be doing most days.  I was needed to:

  • Coach/encourage our staff and volunteers
  • Praise what went well
  • See my team in action and celebrate their unique contribution
  • Pray for those attending and ask God to meet them today
  • Encourage someone who had a tough week

I was needed today for what doesn’t come easy.

It wasn’t to be in the spotlight.  It wasn’t to be the hero.

It was to let my team play those roles.  It was to celebrate their victories and to see them succeed.

I hope I did my job today.

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  • herbhalstead August 11, 2010  

    I've always been told that you succeed when your people succeed. When they are heroes, you are a hero.

    • jcatron August 11, 2010  

      So true!

  • williamjgood August 11, 2010  

    You should be very proud! That is leadership in action, and a victory to the whole team. Well done!

    • jcatron August 11, 2010  

      Thank you so much William.

  • Laurie Van Cura August 11, 2010  

    Kudos to you Jenni! That's my goal each weekend….not to be needed and I love it when that happens. Thanks for sharing,