Sunday Highlights

It was a crazy, good day today at Cross Point.  Our team put a lot of work into making this weekend a memorable one for everyone with the launch of our DNA series.  We do this series once a year to share the vision, heart and soul of our church.  You would think it gets old… but it doesn’t. Especially when you shake it up and deliver it for the first time in 3D!

I’m so proud of our Creative Team led by Stephen Brewster.  They dreamed big, tried some new things and Matt Singleton pulled out some of his best work, delivering 10 different videos that he created for this weekend, most of them in 3D.

Our 3D extravaganza did not come without it’s share of challenges and stressors, but all in all it was a great day and most importantly Pete shared a powerful message about the importance of the first part of our vision.

DNA – Radically Devoted by Pete Wilson

Matthew 16:24-25

Every church is unique and different.

We do not think Cross Point is the best church.  It takes lots of churches for us to be the body of Christ.

We believe that Cross Point has a unique vision that God has called us to.

We want to be a community of people who are radically devoted to Christ, irrevocably committed to one another and relentlessly dedicated to reaching the lost.

Question that plagues all of us: Why am I here?

We have to determine what we are doing with the space between – the space between when you accept Christ and eternity.

Jesus did not define spiritual maturity by what you know.  He defined spiritual maturity by how you love.

Some equate spiritual maturity with Bible knowledge.

Spiritual maturity should be defined by our response to Jesus.

There is a big difference from being a fan and being in the game.

The church has produced a lot of fans of Jesus but not a lot of followers of Jesus.

What does it mean to be radically devoted to Christ?

Commit to believe whatever Jesus says.

Commit to obey whatever you have heard.

Jesus intended for there to be spiritual transformation in the space between.  He intended for us to become more like Him.  He intended for us to make an impact on this world.

Jesus created a new vision for life, not a new list of rules.

Luke 6:46-49

The gospel does not call for reflection, but for action.

We believe in God, but we live like He doesn’t exist.

The space between is where the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ begins to chip away and we become the men and women God has called us to be.

We’re not called to just be receivers of God’s grace, we’re called to be agents of God’s grace.

We’re not called to be fans of Jesus, we’re called to be followers of Jesus.

Jesus didn’t just do something for us.  He did something to us.

It’s not ok to blame others for your spiritual maturity not being where you want it to be.  It’s your job to own your spiritual maturity.

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