The Power of Excellence


So there’s all kinds of speculation as to whether this shot is actually real or an allusion of special effects.

What fascinates me about it is that it COULD be real.

If I were the one trying to knock a bottle off someone’s head with my tennis serve, I might actually get the job done but only because I took out the person, not just the bottle.

But when Roger Federer, possibly the greatest tennis player who has ever lived, takes a shot like this there is room to believe it could be real.

That’s the power of excellence.

Excellence fascinates me because it’s the product of hard-work, dedication, discipline, devotion… the list could go on.

Excellence isn’t given. It’s earned.

Excellence isn’t a bonus.  It’s a reward.

Excellence is something we all aspire to, but rarely are we patient enough and committed enough to realize it.

What do you hope to be excellent at someday?

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  • Kyle Reed August 26, 2010  

    I hope to be excellent at listening.
    I feel like I can talk with the best of them, but I truly want to be excellent at listening.
    Listening to peoples names, hearing their stories, and remembering who they are.

    And I thought at first the shot was fake, but then I started to think and imagine that it was real. Not because I saw the video but because of who took the shot, Roger Federer the greatest tennis player ever. I think that takes things that seem unreal and makes them real. Excellence turns dreams into reality.

    • Eleanor Swan August 27, 2010  

      I actually like that comment by Kyle as well, I think it is powerful! just like the shot Roger Feder took., not only once but he did it a second time, I would say that "confidence aslo comes with excellence". Wow, Excellence turns dreams into reality, what a wisdom nuget.

    • JennyRain September 3, 2010  

      i LOVE your reply… excellent at listening 🙂 that is an awesome goal Kyle!

  • Dawn Nicole Baldwin August 26, 2010  

    Wow. That is amazing. I think it would be harder to "doctor" something like this, but love your point. Because of Roger's reputation, it's believable. I desperately wish I was good at tennis [believe me, I tried. Best not to go there] If by some miracle I actually DID do that, no one would believe me because everyone knows my reputation for excellence is *definitely* not in tennis 🙂

    • jcatron August 26, 2010  

      Dawn, now I really want to see you play tennis 🙂

    • Dawn Nicole Baldwin August 26, 2010  

      Jenni– picture ZERO hand/eye coordination, (with a fierce determination to wear the cute skirts) swinging wildly but missing 98% of the balls, with the exception of the ones that hit me.

  • sherry surratt August 26, 2010  

    Whether true or not, it is a great example of what could be accomplished through tremendous focus. It makes me wonder what I could accomplish if I filter out the distractions (like the target's head) that cause fear or hesitation and cause me to falter, and keep the power of the Holy Spirit from flowing.
    While watching this, I wondered if the target closed his eyes and whispered, 'I want my mommy'. 🙂

  • Amy August 26, 2010  

    That is CRAZY!! Love it!

    • jcatron August 26, 2010  

      I know. I really want it to be real. It's just crazy good!

  • Morgan August 26, 2010  

    oh my word!!! That was awesome!

    I hope to be excellent at giving, loving and enjoying. And focusing. Those are my big ones.

  • Amy August 26, 2010  

    I want to be an excellent teacher and counselor. The reason I'm not yet is because I keep letting things keep me from my dreams. I'm trying now to find a way around (or through) all the obstacles I feel are in my path, but after years of making excuses, they're not all going to move at once… But if I want "it" badly enough, and I trust that I'm headed where God wants me to go, perserverence will get me there eventually. I hope. ; )

  • brewster August 26, 2010  

    Next "Tennis Community" Matty Wayne can put a bottle on his head and we can take turns trying to knock it off.

  • Jarod Gatwood September 12, 2010  

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