Sunday Highlights

Today we wrapped up the DNA series by having all of our campus pastors speak live at their respective campuses.  I got to listen to their planning and rehearsals this past week and it was exciting to hear how they were each wrapping up our vision series by sharing stories and future plans for their specific campuses.  So inspiring!

I attended the Bellevue Campus today, so my notes are from Justin’s message today.

DNA – Owning It by Justin Davis

Nehemiah 1-6

How do we live out individually our Cross Point vision?

A vision without action is really just a daydream.

A vision fueled by the Holy Spirit and passionately pursued by His people becomes a movement/an unstoppable force.

A God-sized vision is born out of brokenness.

Do you have a burden for the community?

A God-sized vision requires the contribution of a community.

A God-sized vision will face opposition.

A God-sized vision embraces risk.

Sometimes what we perceive as risk, God sees as faith.

We need to be owners of the vision.

Owner vs. Renter mentality:

  • Owners contribute with time, gifts & abilities
  • Owners invest, renters consume
  • Renters feel entitled, owners feel responsible.

Question: Am I renting the vision of Cross Point or am I owning it?

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