Friday Fun

Ahhh, it’s Friday!  Doesn’t matter how short the week is, Friday is always fabulous.

I’ve got two big things on my mind this weekend.

1) Guatemala and my friend Lindsey
Compassion Bloggers: Guatemala 2010

Lindsey is on the Compassion bloggers trip this week and I’ve been praying for God to do some incredible things in her life and in the lives of the kids she’s interacting with.

I’m a huge fan of Compassion.  I sponsor a precious little girl named Venka who lives in southeast region of India.  I am overwhelmed every time I get a letter from Venka telling me what she is learning and how she is growing.  It’s amazing how much a small sacrifice financially on my part impacts Venka’s world exponentially.

I hope you’ll follow Lindsey’s journey this week and consider sponsoring a child.  You truly could change a life!

2) Empty Promises

No, I’m not counting on making any empty promises… or receiving them either.  I’m exciting about the launch of our new series at Cross Point by that name.  Here’s a taste of what we’ll be talking about:

Culture is full of all kinds of promises isn’t it?

Beauty = Confidence

Success = Happiness

Money = Security

Over the course of our lives we buy into promises around us that can leave us just as empty. We believe the promises of Success, Love, Acceptance, and Money, but when these things materialize . . . or don’t . . . we are left feeling unfulfilled

How do we avoid a life filled with Empty Promises?

I hope you’ll join us!

So what are you excited about, praying about, anticipating or dreaming about this week?

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  • Christina Schmidt September 10, 2010  

    Can't wait!!!

  • Lindsey_Nobles September 10, 2010  

    Thanks for the shout out. And thanks for the picture of Molls. Got it this morning. Sweet thing!