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I really don’t have a lot of additional commentary to give today because I’m still reeling from the kick in the pants Pete’s message gave me.  Read at your own risk… at least we got my big idol out of the way early in the series. 🙂

The Seduction of Achievement by Pete Wilson

Ecclesiastes 2:4-11

Idol: Anything you seek to give you what only God can give you.

There is an inner emptiness that all of us feel.

The question isn’t “Do I have idols?”. We all have idols.

The real question is “Which idol is God’s biggest rival in my life?”

There is something inside all of us that makes us want to achieve.  That is a God-given part of being a human, but mixed with the sin in our lives it can become toxic.

The dark side of achievement is that I want you to know that I’ve achieved and I begin to build my identity around this need for recognition and achievement.

Success-based identity – you think you control the opinion and  approval of others through your performance.  You gather all your self-worth externally.

Success Might Be an Idol If You:

  • Have to achieve regardless of what it does to the people around you.
  • You confuse who you are with what you accomplish.

An achievement addict is no different than any other addict.

You are not your giftedness.  Your worth and your value are not based on your achievements.

  • You struggle when others succeed.
  • You are jealous of other people.
  • You have to look for other people to blame your perceived failure on.

Criticism is the most cowardly form of self-praise.

Matthew 16:26

Position-based identity – you understand that your sense of self worth comes from who you are in Christ.  You’re identity is not defined by what you do.  It comes from who you are in Christ.

Idols are not expelled, they’re replaced.

The only way to replace success-based identity with position-based identity is to get into God’s word.

John 1:12

My identity is rooted in what has been accomplished for me in the person of Jesus Christ.


Is this an idol that you struggle with?

If so, what are some of the things you do to help keep this in check in your life? (I need all the help I can get!)

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  • Victoria September 20, 2010  

    I believe my biggest idol is relationships and school. So often it seems like society pushes the force of school and it creates such a large strive to be absolutely perfect, however, when it comes to the line: the success is not as important in eternity.

    However the thing I find hardest to deal with is: relationships, in the bible it's so important to be relational however, when it comes down to it: we must also have that great relationship with Christ. People tend to take away time and before you know it those might seem as good as the relationship that you have with Christ. I have a tough time trying to balance that concept of not letting other relationships overwhelm the relationship I have with God.

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