Safety in Similarity

I’m in Dallas this week learning from the amazing women who have been a part of the Leadership Network Women Executive Pastor Community that I’ve been a part of for the last 18 months.  This trip is bittersweet because it’s the last of our group meetings.

To be honest, I was skeptical about joining this group.  I didn’t know exactly what to expect and quite frankly… I’m often a little afraid of large groups of women.  When that much estrogen is concentrated in one place I get a bit uneasy. 🙂

But this group was unique.  It didn’t take long to realize that these women live my reality every day.  They deal with many of the same joys, challenges and complexities that I do.  They became a resource to me for questions, prayer and encouragement.

For much of my career, both in the corporate world and within ministry, I have felt a bit like a fish out of water… a professional, driven female in a sea of mostly men.  And while I’ve always loved what I do and the guys that I get to work with, I’ve found safety in the similarities I share with this group.

I will gratefully cherish the memories we’ve made, the animated discussions we’ve engaged in, and the decadent deserts that we’ve devoured (yes, even business women need their chocolate!).  I will make a point to stay connected to these women beyond the organization of our group and I’ll remember the safety I’ve found in hearts that hear and understand.

There is a comfort that is indescribable when you find yourself in the safety of your peers.

I’ve been blessed by the safety I’ve found in a group of similarly gifted, similarly positioned and similarly wired women.

Thank you Sherry Surratt and the entire Leadership Network team for making this community possible!

Do you have a group of your peers in whom you’ve found the safety of similarity?

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