Fight Back!

Life has seasons.  Some good.  Some bad.  Some slow.  Some busy.

Ministry also has seasons and I’m in one of those really busy ones.  The season where you hold on for dear life and pray that you don’t steamroll everyone around you in your haste and intensity.

Most of the time I really thrive in busy seasons.  In fact, I find myself more motivated, more alert, and more intentional, but I also find myself battle weary.  My defenses are down because of the craziness and my greatest enemies start to put up a good fight.

Disappointment, discouragement, and divisiveness constantly hunt after the leader’s spirit.  Fight back. Pete Wilson

In the last few weeks, I found myself recalling these words that I once heard Pete say.  They impacted me so much that I quickly scribbled them in my journal because I knew I would need to remember them.

And I need to remember them this week.


As leaders, the enemy is going to find our weakest link and start wearing us down, especially in the best of seasons.  While busy, this season of ministry is exciting.  There are so many great conversations, great opportunities and great successes right now.  But it’s also a time where I find myself battling some of my greatest weaknesses.

My greatest battles tend to be with comparison and insecurity.  Even when the greatest of opportunities are knocking at my door, I find myself comparing my achievements to others.  I start envying the reality of other people’s dreams and I begin to take for granted the amazing gifts that God has literally dropped in my lap.

And isn’t that exactly what the enemy wants? He wants me to be so busy comparing myself to others that I’m missing the opportunities God has gifted to me.  He wants me so preoccupied by insecurity that I’m not doing what I could be doing with the amazing things God’s given me.

When I finally wake up to that reality it makes me so mad.  (Feel free to envision a full-on tantrum erupting.)

So it’s time to FIGHT BACK!

I’ve got my dukes up.

How about you?  What battles do you most often find yourself facing?

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  • bennettaj October 12, 2010  

    Thank you for this…I think that's what I do…compare what others are doing so much that I miss what I'm supposed to be doing. I have to be Amy and not so-and-so.

  • Jenniferju October 12, 2010  

    Thank you so much for this and that wonderful quote! I am in a time right now when I am closer to God than ever and finding a lot of discouragement around me, even from good friends. I needed this post today!

    • jcatron October 14, 2010  

      Praying for you Jennifer!

  • Pete Wilson October 14, 2010  

    I don't even remember saying that but my own words were an encouragement to me today. I guess I need a bit of my own medicine. 🙂

    Thanks for your vulnerability and honesty Jenni. As always, praying for you.