Sunday Highlights

So good to be back at Cross Point this Sunday!  We wrapped up our Empty Promises series… and yes, the rumors are true.  We did use a Katy Perry song in our services yesterday.   “Who Am I Living For” is a killer song that lyrically was a perfect way to end this series.  I loved the live DJ we had on stage for it at the Nashville campus.  Wish we could do that every week!

And of course we finished the series with another idol that I wrestle with…

The Perils of Power by Pete Wilson

Seeking power often leads to:

1) Avoiding failure

Grade yourself from 1 (rarely true) to 10 (always true) on these two statements:

  • I feel the need to win every argument.
  • I lose my temper when tools, situations, conversations don’t go my way.

You lose your temper because when things don’t go your way it’s a reminder that you don’t have power.

2 Corinthians 12:9

When power is an idol you go to great lengths to cover up your mistakes.

When power is an idol for you, you orchestrate your life so that you never have to deal with failure.

2) Refusing instruction.

Grade yourself from 1 (rarely true) to 10 (always true) on these two statements:

  • I get very upset when people don’t specifically do things the way I want them to be done.
  • I have a hard time following the rules other people establish.  I always know a better way.
  • When things go wrong I tend to shift blame.

Proverbs 15:12

We all have a huge fear of powerlessness.

Power is humanity’s way to justify our existence apart from God.

You can’t expel an idol.  You have to replace an idol.

Genesis 32:24-30

Every human being needs assurance of their unique value from an outside source.

What’s your name?

Who are you?

What are the things that you’ve looked for others to give you that only God can give you?

Whatever you are so desperately striving for can only come from God.

How big of an idol is power for you?

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