Good Hair & Pretty Toes

I hate my toes.  Feet in general really kind of freak me out, but I’ve particularly disliked my toes for as long as I can remember.  My size 9 shoe on a 5’4″ frame is a little obnoxious.  And my toes…well,  they are long and really quite dreadful.  It’s just been in recent years that I’ve been brave enough to wear open-toed shoes, and I still think twice every time I buy a new pair.

It’s no real surprise here that this is just one more thing that I obsess about… that I can’t be content with…  that I can’t accept as how I’m uniquely created.

Funny isn’t it, how much we know that this stuff just shouldn’t matter, but if we’re honest it does?  We all have our something and some of us have more than one something.

For instance, hair… I could go into another rant about my thin, stringy, dirty blond hair, but I’ll save you that one for now.

I’m learning to get comfortable with being unfinished work. For all my vain attempts to make everything about myself perfect, it’s all fleeting.  We’re not designed to be finished here on Earth.

And while I’ve ranted about the exterior things, there are so many hidden parts of my heart that are unfinished work too.

Am I willing to expose their imperfections like I showcase my dreadful toes?

Am I willing to allow a little bit of the unfinished to be known?

Do I trust that God’s at work and that while I won’t be completely finished here on Earth, there will be a day when He’ll complete His work in me?

Unfinished Work…

What’s your unfinished obsession?

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  • dionna October 25, 2010  

    Great thoughts.

  • holly October 25, 2010  

    I also hate my toes, and feet, in general, really gross me out! I understand your concerns. 🙂 Great insight – we aren't meant to be perfect here on earth and no one is. My children have helped me with this one – I look at what I think are their perfect little bodies – I love every feature – and think about how perfect they are to me. I get sad when I think about how one day my daughters will start to "hate" things about their bodies just like I do with mine. It makes me wonder if God feels as horrible as I do when he hears me complain about what he sees as "perfection" on me? It makes me appreciate all my imperfections a little bit more.

  • jcatron October 26, 2010  

    @Holly – you are so right that we see children as perfect and hope that they'll always see themselves that way. I need to see those precious and perfects girls of yours soon!