This week I’m celebrating with my friends Tami Heim and Toni Birdsong as they release their book @stickyJesus!  It’s been so inspiring to watch them prepare for the launch of something they are so excited and passionate about.

@stickyJesus uniquely blends biblical truth and social media know-how and inspires with true stories of people engaging, connecting, and changing the world for Christ through social networks. Conversational and practical, @stickyJesus demystifies the technology of social media and awakens believers everywhere to the astonishing mission field now at their fingertips.

I’m especially excited about the release of this book because I had the special privilege of sharing one of the stories in it.  I tell Cross Point‘s story of how social media enabled us to respond so quickly to the Nashville Flood.  Even reading back through it now that it’s in print, I’m amazed at how God used such a simple tool for such profound redemptive work.

If you’ve ever been concerned about or doubted the power of social media for good, I encourage you to check out @stickyJesus.

@stickyJesus equips you to:

  • Build and honor relationships the way Jesus did.
  • Bring His heart into your online conversations.
  • Understand the marketing-driven culture of social networks and how to navigate them.
  • Influence, engage, serve, and lead online—like Jesus.
  • Use dozens of tools, tricks, tips, and resources to grow your reach.
  • Identify and avoid the danger zones.
  • Learn basic Facebook, Twitter, blogging
  • Discover how to find great content to share.

You can order your copy of @stickyJesus HERE!

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  • Tami Heim October 29, 2010  

    Cross Point truly reflects the character and love of Christ . You were an amazing witness to our city during a time of tremendous devastation. I am grateful the Cross Point story could be documented in yet another place where people will be inspired by what you did and how you did it. I am grateful for willingness, Jenni, to tell it straight from the heart . YOU are a digital scribe – documenting God's power in this day.

    Bless you for sharing what's possible when we embrace today's technology and use it to extend the love of Christ to others. Way.To.Go. It's all for Him.