Fabulous Friday

Ahhh Friday once again!

This will be random because there is absolutely nothing organized about my thoughts today…

  • I’m supposed to begin my Christmas decorating this weekend but I’m totally not in the spirit.  What is wrong with me??!! I am usually “Christmas Crazy” by this time of the year.   I’m seriously beginning to think I may have a problem.
  • A friend told me this week that she had to put her Border Collie down.  Our Border Collies were buddies when they were younger.  Key word: younger… I’m not ok with one of Mick’s pals being gone.
  • I use exclamation points a lot!!!
  • I have a hankering to redecorate my living room.  I might be doing that instead of decorating for Christmas.
  • Shelby and I went to Christmas Village last night.  If you live in Nashville, you should check it out this weekend.  (I thought it would get me fired up for Christmas, but so far no effect.)
  • I’m looking forward to some hang time with some more girlfriends this weekend.  Girls’ nights are just soul care.
  • Artist’s Night is tonight at the Nashville Campus.  It’s a fundraiser for G.O. Ministries and their work in Haiti.  Come and join us!
  • I get to introduce our new Campus Pastor at Cross Point Dickson this weekend.  I can’t wait for the Maxwells to get here!
  • Have you ever bought a present for a friend and then let it sit on your counter for weeks before giving it to them?  Yeah, I’m staring at one right now that needs to be delivered.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got!  (Had to throw one more exclamation point in there for you.)

What do you have planned for this weekend?

When will you begin your Christmas decorating?

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