Sunday Highlights

Here are a few highlights from today at Cross Point:

  • We introduced Willy & Shay Maxwell to the Dickson Campus.  Willy will be our new Campus Pastor for this campus officially January 1.  We’re so excited to have them!
  • Our Nashville and North campuses incorporated baptisms into their worship services today.  So powerful!
  • Pete delivered an amazing message on the “Restorative Justice” of God.  I think he reshaped the perception of “justice” for many people.  My notes from his message are below.
  • Pete closed the services with an invitation for people to give their lives to Christ for the very first time.  Several dozen people gave their life to Christ today!  That’s what it’s all about!!

Restorative Justice by Pete Wilson

Everything you think about God impacts your relationship with Him, your relationships with others, your purpose, your direction, the impact you make with your life.

What do you think about God?

What do you think God thinks about you?

What is the first word/phrase that comes to mind when you hear the word “justice”?

We tend to think of justice in legal terms.  We define it as punishment.

Psalm 82:3

Isaiah 1:16-17

Justice – God compassionately intervening for those that are destitute or outcast.

Jeremiah 21:12

Isaiah 30:18

Micah 6:8

God’s justice springs from love and for the purpose of healing and restoration.

Some of us view God as a “gotcha” God who is out to get us.

Jeremiah 2:17-19

Sin carries it’s own punishment.  God doesn’t have to add to the pain.

God’s justice is not retribution.

Matthew 23:23

Jesus came to bring real justice.  The kind of justice that will make things right.

The religious leaders despised Jesus’ compassionate justice.

At the cross, our desire for punishment, judgment and hatred is restored with God’s compassion and graciousness.

Romans 6:23

Everything that we do as a church is to help us understand that God loves us and to help us experience His love and forgiveness.

Have you ever misunderstood God’s justice?

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