Fabulous Friday

Here’s what’s going on…

  • I’m reading Andre Agassi’s auto-biography Open (finally).  It’s absolutely amazing the sacrifices people will make for a dream (in this case, not even his own).  I wonder how many Christians put in that much effort to live out God’s dream?
  • Today I’m officially a Contributing Editor at Gifted for Leadership, a resource for women leaders from Christianity Today.  What a huge honor!  I encourage you to subscribe to their newsletter and enjoy the resources on this site!
  • I still can’t decide how much I’m decorating for Christmas this year.
  • You should not make cookies the night before you spend an entire day at home.  The cookies are constantly calling you!
  • Thanks to Lindsey, I’m trying to convince my husband we need to rescue a 1 year old Border Collie from the animal shelter.  What am I thinking??

I thought I would throw a little twist into Fabulous Friday and share a few of my favorite blog posts this week:

What’s the best thing you’ve read this week?

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  • Ron Edmondson November 19, 2010  

    Thanks Jenni for the mention here and congrats on the writing assignment!

  • Greg November 20, 2010  


    Thanks for the link. Appreciate you and all that you’re doing. Congrats on the new platform to influence. Excited for you and this opportunity!

  • Jessica November 21, 2010  

    GET THE DOG!!! Sam will have a new cousin to play with!!! YEAH! 🙂