Spiritual Leadership Part 1

This week we’re finishing up our series on the 4 Dimensions of Leadership.  The last dimension we’re talking about is Spiritual Leadership and I’m dividing this one into two parts.  This is the dimension that is unique to faith-based leaders.  I believe it’s the dimension that sets us apart… and it’s not just for those of us in full-time ministry work.  Faith-based leaders can have spiritual influence even in the marketplace (more about that tomorrow.)

For today, Blake Bergstrom is sharing his heart about how spiritual leadership starts with relational leadership.  And Blake models this better than most anyone I know.  Blake has become a spiritual leader in my life, not by position, but by relationship.  He checks in on me, Jenni Catron, the person.  He prays for me constantly and tells me so.  He spends time with my husband and speaks into our marriage.  He inquires about my health and sanity and gives me wise counsel when I need it.  Spiritual leaders are a gift.

Blake blogs HERE.

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At a previous church that I worked at I was asked…”Blake, do you know the difference between “Relational Authority” vs. “Positional Authority”? It was a great question.  My answer was, “I think so…people that lead relationally earn trust and respect while positional leaders are jerks!” I know that is not always true…but I had been jaded by an authoritarian father.  He was a marine drill sergeant, so I said “Yes sir!”  ..no questions asked..my way or the highway. I love him but he made it very hard to like him.

Consequently, I have always led relationally, maybe because I’m an ENFP?  Either way, I hate being spoken down to but that doesn’t mean that I hate being led.  I like to think that I am a follower that is pliable and teachable.  My experience has been that it is hard to find that quality in the positional leader.  They lead with answers instead of questions.  They hide behind titles and pride instead of humility.

Jesus didn’t have to demand or yell to let them know he was over them.  Meekness is not weakness.  To be meek you have power that is under control.  Jesus demonstrated that over and over as a servant leader.  Are you strong enough to be meek?

Working in a church environment, we have the privilege to be developed and to develop everyone around us.  Character is on trial. Relationships are everything. It matters how you respond. Conflict is inevitable and how you handle it is what matters the most!  Its rarely about the conflict and more about the relationship. You can’t work on someone’s character when they can’t stand you or don’t respect you.  So, I’ve always wanted to be gentle and kind when developing those around me.  You have to love deep and let your team know that you trust and respect them and then… you’ll start a movement! Your team will die for you and charge any battle field with you.  Please don’t use people to get your agenda accomplished. Instead, accomplish the agenda that Christ is doing in you and dare everyone around you to join in!

So let me ask you…are you a positional leader or a relational leader?

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