The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I know it’s kind of a given that I write some kind of Thanksgiving post, so here’s what’s on my mind as we celebrate this year:

  • I really think it’s sacrilegious to eat Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant.  Home-cooked traditional Thanksgiving dinner is the only way to go.
  • I can’t eat my turkey in peace unless I’ve run 5 miles Thanksgiving morning.  (Remember my motto: “I run for treats”)
  • Pumpkin pie kind of freaks me out (texture issues) but pecan pie is amazing!  Btw, I had never tasted pecan pie until I moved to the south!
  • I’m more aware than ever of how ungrateful I can be.
  • Being grateful doesn’t mean that everything goes your way.
  • The things we should be the most grateful for are also the things we take the most for granted.
  • Gratefulness and entitlement are big enemies that are constantly competing for your heart.

I want gratefulness to be much more than a day of my life, but to do that I have to be purposefully grateful.  I have to find the blessing in the little things (like pecan pie) and find ways to connect myself with the reminders of how very blessed that I am.

Like for instance, the fact that I write.  You read.  We discuss.  And we create friendships that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

I’m so grateful for each of you!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

For fun: Pumpkin Pie or Pecan Pie?

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One comment

  • Brooke W November 25, 2010  

    Happy Thanksgiving Jenni! Usually pumpkin pie for me. This year I have been adventurous and made pumpkin cheesecakes; I may never go back! 🙂