Sunday Highlights

The Sunday after Thanksgiving!  It’s my official “put up the Christmas tree” day.  My husband and I enjoyed a few days with his family for Thanksgiving and were excited to be back home to officially kick off the Christmas season.  I’ve cut back a bit on my Christmas decorating this year, but I have to keep the real Christmas tree.  Hate the needles, but love the smell!  Here’s my finished product.

In Cross Point news, we had a unique service today featuring former pro-bowler and NFL Players Association President Kevin Mawae.  Pete interviewed Kevin sharing highlights from his career, his journey to faith and his passion for being a Godly father and husband.  Here are a few quotes from the interview:

I know who I am and I know what defines me.

God has a purpose for everybody.

It’s not about the position you’re in, it’s about the influence you have and using that influence for Christ.

Everyone thinks that you gotta get good before you get Christ, but the reality is you can’t get good without Him.

You can’t be a Godly husband without knowing who God is.

God just wants your heart.

Pete shared some additional thoughts in closing:

2 Timothy 4:6-7

We’re all leaving a legacy.  What kind of legacy are you leaving?

Is your life an offering to God?

Take time to think about your lives.  Think intentionally about how God wants to use you.

Thank you Kevin for sharing today!

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