Passion Is Not Enough

My friend Greg Darley is guest blogging today.  Greg is the founder of Backstage Leadership and has just finished his first book Passion Is Not Enough.  In the short time I’ve known Greg I’ve been so inspired by his drive and ambition and this book is an overflow of who he is.

Good intentions don’t change the world. Ideas alone will change nothing. Desires don’t feed the hungry. Ambition won’t stop injustice. Enthusiasm alone will not reach the lost. Wishing changes nothing. To change the world, we must have more than passion.

Passion is Not Enough explores what it takes beyond a good idea to change the world. Whether you have a vision to change the entire world or your city block, the principles in this book will help you reach that goal.

One of my favorite quotes I used in Passion Is Not Enough is from Albert Einstein.

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

No one would question that Einstein changed the world.  He was brilliant.  He changed the game forever.  But this quote reveals the secret to how he changed the world.  It also takes away every excuse we can muster to the reasons why we can’t do the same.  Notice he doesn’t credit education, family background, genes, or whom he knew.  These are often the excuses we use for why we can’t pursue our dream or the burdens we have to change the world:

We say things like:

– I don’t have the right degree

· I’m too young

· I’m too old

· I don’t know anyone in that field

· I’ve never started a church

· I don’t know how to write a book

· No one in my family is a missionary

· I have no clued how to start a business

All of these are missing the point. These are all external factors.  Einstein gets to the main point, which is internal.  He says:

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

That’s it.
No secret formulas.
No insider tips.
No special favors.
No family history.

Einstein’s secret can be used by us all. Work hard. Stick with it. Work hard some more.

If you do this today, you’ll be in the minority. Everyone today is looking for the easy way. The truth is, there is no easy way. If you figure that out in the beginning, you’ll separate yourself from a majority of your peers.  Changing the world starts with you deciding to stick with it no matter what.

For more thoughts on this and what it takes to change the world, check out Passion is Not Enough.

**For this week only, Greg is giving the readers of my blog 20% off of Passion Is Not Enough.  You can order it here.  Be sure to use code “Jenni20”.

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