I love, love, love Christmas!

I can remember as a little girl planning for Christmas for literally months.  I loved to give gifts, but in order to do that on my meager allowance or babysitting money I would have to start planning EARLY.  I’m talking like September – seriously!  I loved to give gifts to everyone in the family and so I would plan to buy one gift per week.  I would make a list of everyone I wanted to give a gift to.  Then I would determine what I was giving them and week by week go shopping for them one by one.

These days, I’m lucky if I’ve got my Christmas shopping complete by Christmas Eve, but although the pace of my life has hijacked my planning, my love for giving hasn’t changed one bit.  There’s nothing better than the joy of seeing someone open the perfect gift.

So to kick off this month of giving, my first gift is going to be the gift of clean water to a village in Uganda.

I’ve started a team with Gifts of Water to rally my friends and family to join me.  Would you consider donating $10 and joining my team to give the essential gift of clean water this Christmas?

And just to add a little incentive, I will give an additional $1 for every one of you that joins my team.

Join my team HERE!

Let’s make a difference together and GIVE!

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