Sunday Highlights – GIVE! Grace

Justin spoke today on the “The Gift of Grace” as part of our Christmas series.  Such a great, challenging message today.  As I listened I certainly heard God nudging me about the people in my life I need to extend grace to.  While my notes don’t capture it all, I hope that you’ll be open to the challenge to give grace to someone this Christmas too!

The Gift of Grace by Justin Davis

Matthew 1:18-25

You can’t have Christmas apart from grace.

God desires us to not only receive His grace but to give it to others.

We have a tendency to receive God’s unconditional grace but we put conditions on extending grace to others.

We experience the fullness of grace most when we extend it to others.

Grace Givers:

  1. Surrender their rights.
  2. Resist public opinion.
  3. Believe the impossible.

Grace can make the impossible possible.

The supernatural ability of grace is for it to transform you when you give it.

Often, grace is more about obedience than it is about feelings.

Grace doesn’t excuse others’ wrongful/hurtful behavior, it prevents it from hardening your heart.

God has given me the gift of grace so I can extend His grace to others.

Is there someone you need to extend grace to this Christmas?

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