Fabulous Friday

Confession: sometimes many times I eat chocolate for breakfast.

And if my love of chocolate wasn’t enough I found this place that makes chocolate shoes!  Are you kidding me??  My two great loves in one!

It’s all random today so hang on for the whiplash…

  • I booked my flights this week for Catalyst West.  Are you joining us??
  • Prepping for tonight’s Volunteer Appreciation Bash.  I might have had to do a little video bit yesterday for the opening video.  I might have… you’ll just have to join us to see.
  • Here’s a great article from Ben Stroup “Five Reasons Why Churches Limit the Length of Capital Campaigns”
  • If you followed my iPad vs. Kindle conundrum at Christmas time.  I ended up getting the iPad from my fabulous husband and I love it!  I’ve already read several books this year… keeping me right on track with my read a book per week goal.
  • Cultivate Her re-launched Monday night with over 110 women!  We had an amazing night and I’m looking forward to our semester.  I’m building a curriculum called “Uniquely You” from Galatians 6:4-5 and these ladies are willing to beta test it with me.  Can’t wait to see what happens as we continue to discover/uncover all that God has made us to be!
  • The laundry pile is very large today.  Not sure if I’m gonna win that battle this weekend.
  • I’m reading Wayne Elsey’s new book “Almost Isn’t Good Enough”.  Will blog this one soon!

What’s on your mind and heart this weekend?

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  • Marni January 29, 2011  

    Today I had an amazing leadership training at our Church, then tomorrow we have Church (of which I am helping out anywhere needed with the Baptism service we are holding tomorrow), then I have a lot of reading to catch up on for my Theology class so as to take my quiz by no later than 11:59PM tomorrow night. The past few days took me away from my devout study time – so now is catch up time with everything else going on this weekend.

    We are also now in the market to buy a car – we have the money, now we just need to find a car in our budget and buy it right out. So…onward we hunt for a good deal. 🙂

    I am looking forward to Monday so as to tackle the laundry myself – it is starting to look like a hideous monster again.

    That is how my weekend, and many of my thoughts this weekend, are summing up. 🙂

    Hope yours is great, Jenni! And so glad to hear Cultivate Her launched awesomely!

  • tam January 30, 2011  

    brent and i could kick ourselves for not planning on going to CatWest this year. we should have tried.

    I know it’s going to be great…have a good time!