I Don't Diet

Ok so we’re a month into the New Year and I’m curious…

How many of you are still being faithful to your New Year Diet?

I read some statistics that were interesting…

  • 1 in 4 people are on a diet at any given time
  • 98% of diets fail

Those aren’t very promising statistics.

I’ll be honest.  I don’t diet.  Not because I don’t need to but because I know I won’t sustain it and I end up feeling depressed and frustrated.  I’m a moderation girl.  I don’t do extremes well and so there has never been anything very appealing to me about trying to radically control my intake.

In lieu of dieting, I try to operate from these core beliefs:

  • Regular exercise.  I’m obsessive about this.  Remember, “I run for treats” :).
  • Balance and moderation.  I give myself daily goals for vegetable intake, limited carbs and sweets.

So I’m curious…

Do you diet regularly and what makes it successful for you?

If you don’t diet, what do you do to stay fit and healthy?

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  • Marni February 3, 2011  

    I don’t diet either – even though I follow what is called a “diet.” The way I eat is low-glycemic (low sugar, low-carb) because my body has trouble processing sugars properly (even with exercise). So what my lifestyle looks like eating wise is actually the South Beach Diet (phase 2). I do eat, from time to time now, something I really shouldn’t (because I get sick from too much sugar – physically sick) – but I still go ahead and indulge now and again (and pay a price later).

  • Jeremy Statton February 4, 2011  

    Everyday at work there are cookies available. I am saying no to the cookies at work. I am not saying no to all dessert, just the cookies at work. In a typical chocolate chip cookie, there are nearly 400 carolies.

  • Lexi MacKinnon February 5, 2011  

    I love your idea of moderation and living HEALTHY! I can’t stand when women are constantly putting themselves down and feeling bad about their bodies. We have to be good stewards of our health, while at the same time learning to embrace our bodies.

    I don’t really diet, but I am vegan due to food allergies. With that I don’t eat any eggs, meat, or dairy, but I do have to eat an insane amount of food to got all the nutrients I need…so I NEVER feel deprived!

  • Patrick Ringler February 5, 2011  

    I agree with you. When I dieted I always seemed to fail because my mind was always focused on what I could not have. But this year I chose to do a lifestyle change. I work to eat well, more fruits, veggie’s and meat over carbs, and working out. I have been weight training and feel stronger but believing through the life change I will get to my right wieght.

  • Deb Surdyke February 8, 2011  

    You know for the past SEVEN (almost eight) YEARS I’ve been trying to lose A POUND… all to no avail…and anyone who knows me knows what an exercise FREAK I am…running the half marathon (never losing ONE OUNCE)…I had totally given up and realized HEY, I’m just gonna be F** the rest of my life (bad three letter word)..THEN…I started this O2 diet….high antioxidant diet… and its AMAZING… I am NEVER hungry and I stopped all forms of “killing myself” and just stuck to a NEW exercise called “Pure Barre”… (google it)… it has TOTALLY transformed my entire body!! (believe it or not)…I have (so far) lost 31 pounds.. a very slow weight loss…like five pounds a MONTH..but nonetheles…WEIGHT LOSS… I cannot even believe it to tell you the truth… In any case, I’ve always eaten healthy, but this just ADDS foods to my diet and higher ORAC points… 🙂
    I am thanking God..

    MISS YOU GIRL… LOVE YA (and I really miss Merlyn!!)

    • Jenni Catron February 9, 2011  

      Deb, I’m so excited for you! And I miss you too 🙂