What I’m Learning From My 7 Year Old Friend

This past weekend I got to spend a few hours with one of my best friends.

She’s 7.  Bright.  Cheerful.  Sweet. And so much fun!

We spent the day together because I missed her birthday party a few weeks ago.  It killed me to miss.  I was one of only two adults invited who weren’t accompanying another child, so the invite was a high honor.

I’ve known this sweet friend since she was just a little bump in her momma’s belly.  Her mom and I go back many years, many small groups, many jobs and many memories.

My husband and I have chosen to not have children and so sneaking some time to spoil my friends’ children is one of my favorite things to do.

I don’t get to do it often enough, but when I do I always learn something from my younger friends.  Here is what I was reminded of this time:

The simple things make others feel loved and valued. When I arrived at the restaurant to join my friend and her mom for lunch,  my sweet little friend had saved a place for me next to her.  She wanted me to sit beside her and she wasn’t shy about letting me know it mattered to her.  That simple act of inclusion made me feel so loved and wanted.

Slow down. As the two of us wandered through the mall window shopping, I had to deliberately slow my pace because her little 7 year old legs couldn’t keep up with my normal stride.  I discovered that when I physically slowed down, I observed so much more.

Explore new things. She introduced me to Claire’s and Gap Kids.  I introduced her to Sephora and Coach. 🙂

Reach out. At one point during our day, this little hand reached over and grabbed my hand.  Just a little gesture to say, we’re friends.  We belong together.  Sometimes I don’t let others know this enough.

It’s okay to indulge sometimes. Our grand finale of the day was to get a special treat – the treat of her choice since we were belatedly celebrating her birthday.  She chose the cookie place.  As we perused the display case she quickly made up her mind – the big chocolate cookie sandwich with creme filling bulging out the sides.  Heavenly! And while she chose the largest cookie in the case, I with great self-control chose the smallest cookie.  As I watched this 40 lb petite little peanut devour her mammoth cookie, I envied her enjoyment and abandon.

I’m always amazed at the ways that God will speak to me.  This time through my sweet little 7 year old friend.

What are some of the unusual ways God has spoken to you?

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  • Dustin February 8, 2011  

    I LOVE learning new and fresh things from my kids. Their perspective on things always amazes me – positive, adventurous, and simple.

  • Karen February 8, 2011  

    As a K-2 special education teacher I have learned to be spontaneous. Often kids will be excited by something and I have to forgo my lesson plan for the teachable moment.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog! I’m about to step into a position at our church as Director of Ministries. I’m looking forward to your break out at Church Planters!!

    • Jenni Catron February 9, 2011  

      Karen, can’t wait to see you at Church Planters!

  • Eve Annunziato February 12, 2011  

    This is the best post EVER! I cried – I’m not shy! I can’t wait to read this to O when she gets back home. I LOVE THIS and will treasure your words forever. Thanks for reminding me that simple yet profound moments are so valuable. I learn from this 7 year old often, too.

    By the way, she loves you with all of her heart 🙂

    Thanks for investing my little leader. Your friendship to both of us is a joy and priceless!!