Women & Church Survey

Hey everyone,

I’m working on a project that I’m needing to collect some data for.  If you are a church-going female, will you take 3 minutes and fill this out for me?  If you know a church -going female, will you pass it along to her for me?

Thanks so much!

Click here to take survey

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  • Shelley February 13, 2011  

    I just took your survey. I just want to clarify something on it though…the part that asks about regularly surving, I put no as this year I am taking a little needed break. The ministries I served in (which I checked off) are the ones I normally take part in when I am surving.

  • Shelley February 13, 2011  

    And…apparently I can’t spell, lol. “Surving” should be “serving”…sorry.