Almost Isn't Good Enough

I’m not gonna lie… I’m a huge fan.  I’m a huge fan of Wayne Elsey and the work he has done through Soles4Souls.  Just this week our team in India put shoes on the feet of the children of the Kalphur Slum… sweet little children that I met last year on my trip and witnessed them running around barefoot in a slum with sewage, trash, metal rubbish, etc. all around them.  We put shoes on their feet this year thanks to Soles4Souls.  That’s reason enough to like him, right?

But I also connect so much with Wayne’s drive, passion and convictions.  Wayne is a very accomplished professional, but he walked away from an amazing career because God put a burden on his heart that he just couldn’t shake.  Wayne’s the kind of guy who can and will change the world because he believes with great conviction that Almost Isn’t Good Enough, especially when it comes to matters of sharing Christ’s love with the world.

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of Almost Isn’t Good Enough:

I chose to leave my corporate career and make Soles4Souls my life’s work. Just because I made that decision doesn’t mean that is the only option you have available. Maybe you’re in your twenties, thirties, fifties, or whatever age and wondering what you can do. You might be discouraged that you can’t leave your job and start a nonprofit organization to solve a looming social problem. Maybe you feet backed into a corner with your career and family obligations and think there is no way you can get a do-over in life.

If you’re in your twenties, let me encourage you to learn as much as you can about yourself. Surround yourself with people who are better than you at just about anything. Listen, watch, observe, and practice. Change jobs more frequently if you need. Not everyone wakes up one day and recognizes what he or she will do with the rest of their life. With the pace at which technology is changing the world, chances are whatever you are doing today won’t exist by the end of your career. Even better are the chances of you stumbling into a career that didn’t exist when you graduated from college. Use this time to discover who you are, your unique talents,and how you can leverage those skills to help others and yourself.

If you’re in your thirties, keep a balance between work and family. Don’t be consumed with building your career that you leave your family behind. Your family will be there when your job fails you and when the company you have been so loyal to decides they no longer need your services. There is no amount of money that will buy you security you can find in the loving arms of the ones you love and who love you.

If you’re in your fifties or older, it’s not too late. You may be entering a transitional period in your life that is very similar to those who are in their twenties. Perhaps you are on the brink of retirement. Your identity is wrapped up in your work, your airline rewards account, and your membership to the corporate gym. Retirement does not mark the end of your life but an opportunity to invest in other areas.

Almost Isn’t Good Enough shares Wayne?s story from a teenage boy on the verge of committing suicide to the founder of one of the fastest growing charities in the world. Along the way, Almost Isn?t Good Enough takes a look into what has made Soles4Souls grow to where it is today.

Almost Isn?t Good Enough will speak purpose into your life, much like the purpose Wayne discovered when he founded Soles4Souls. 100% of the proceeds will go directly towards furthering Soles4Souls mission.  For every book sold, 10 pairs of shoes will be given to people in need!

Wayne?s hope is that this book will provide 200,000 shoes to kids around the world in 2011! Soles4Souls is asking you to join in using the book to change the world.

Buy Two, Give One, Tell Five

•   When you BUY TWO, 20 pairs of shoes will be distributed to people in need wherever you designate.

•   When you GIVE ONE, a message of hope and purpose will be given to someone you care about.

•   When you TELL FIVE, you will help Soles4Souls hit our goal of giving away 200,000 pairs of shoes to people in need all over the world.

TELL FIVE by sharing this post on your Facebook or Twitter. Use the hashtag #200kShoes.

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Here’s a sneak peek into “Almost Isn’t Good Enough”:


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