Are You Too Busy?

I hear people complain all the time about being too busy.

I’m guilty of it myself.

You’re not too busy.

You’re just not effectively managing your life.

My guess is one of these 3 things is happening:

1) You’ve become the victim of over-stimulation.  You allow every element of noise to distract you and so you feel too busy.  Our culture is riddled with messages vying for your attention.  Only you can control what you allow in.

2) You don’t say “no”. Whether it’s because you’re a people-pleaser or just have a huge heart to help others, you can’t say no and so you create your “too busy” world.  It’s no one’s fault but your own.

3) You’re bored. You are not really too busy, you’re just too busy doing things that don’t inspire you.  You’re not thriving and therefore all the ordinary things of life feel taxing and overwhelming.  When you’re thriving you don’t feel too busy, you feel like you can’t do enough.

What is making you feel too busy lately?

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  • Sarah February 22, 2011  

    Loved your last point, Jenni. =) Inspiration is everything!

  • Keith February 22, 2011  

    Jenni, Great post! Many busy Pastors/Ministry Leaders need to heed your warnings here. Have a great day!

  • Morgan MacGavin February 22, 2011  

    I definitely have a hard time saying no! Great post, Jenni! We missed you at Cultivate Her last night!

  • mandythompson February 22, 2011  

    ughhh… #2 ugghhhhhhhh

  • Karen February 22, 2011  

    #1 for me. I have a hard time disconnecting from the stuff going on around me and I know it’s all me. I do have control of what I let in, but need to be more intentional about taking action against it. Thanks for the reminder!