Sunday Lessons

You can never say “thank you” enough.

Cross Point is a volunteer-driven organization.  There is no greater reminder of that than on Sunday mornings.

With collective campus average weekly attendance of almost 4500, but just 22 full-time staff and 7 part-timers, we couldn’t survive without our volunteers.

I’m so grateful for all they do and yet sometime I realize I probably don’t tell them enough.  On days like yesterday where everything is running pretty seamlessly, it’s easy to forget that literally hundreds of volunteers are making it happen.  It wouldn’t be seamless if they weren’t giving their heart, soul, talents and gifts to creating experiences that help connect people to Christ.

It’s a big job and it deserves a thank you every single time they serve.

I’m learning you can’t say “thank you” enough.  In words, in gifts, in notes, in a pat on the back… say thank you every opportunity you get!

How do you thank your volunteers?

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  • Jeremy @ Confessions of a Legalist February 23, 2011  

    You definitely cannot say it enough. I notice that anytime people say it to me, it means a ton. It changes my attitude at times. It can change my whole day even.