Inspired by Quiet or Chaos?

It’s the age old introvert/extrovert story.

How are you rejuvenated?  When you are with people or when you are by yourself?

I’m definitely an introvert, but I find inspiration from both.

I’ve purposefully structured this trip to Southern California to afford me time for both.

Today our team spent the day together.  We were privileged to hang out with some other church leaders, we toured the beautiful Mariner’s Church campus and we talked, we shopped and we ate… a lot!

In wrapping up the day, I felt inspired and energized.  I learned more about our team even though we didn’t talk business every second of the day.  I didn’t really come away with great content to share or new systems to implement, but I was inspired by the time together.

On the flip side of that, I’ll spend a couple of days next week pretty low key.  A day for just me and my thoughts is inspiring to me in a different way.  Left to myself for a day, I usually come away thinking I can easily solve the world’s problems.   I will think, process, plan, pray and prepare for what’s ahead.  A day of fresh, uninterrupted thoughts is a goldmine of ideas and creative perspective.

I’m learning more and more that a balance of these two very different forms of inspiration is essential to my health as a leader.

How about you?  What inspires you most… quiet or chaos?

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  • Rindy Walton February 26, 2011  

    I would describe myself as an extroverted introvert…I love people, but I love quiet also. I quietly reflect & think when alone (and usually doing physical activity like gardening, working out or anything outside), but get inspired when around other people. So, to answer your question–quiet or chaos? My answer is: yes…both

  • Sherie February 27, 2011  

    I have recently been reminded about my temperament, and how it is important to understand how I am wired as this is part of the beauty of how God made me. I am introverted, and often in groups I am quiet, however over the last few years I have learned how I need to process out loud and with others. Also, I thrive with people. There is nothing that brings me more joy, hope, encouragement, and purpose then sharing life with others. I am a deep thinker which actually stems from being an extreme feeler, but on my own my feelings can be overwhelming and sometimes unhealthy. People help balance that, ground me, and help me keep Godly perspective.

    So, I need quiet (but far less than I used to think I do), I appreciate chaos for what it brings in my life, but mostly, I love community and sharing the joy and promise of the diversity in the world. Life alone leads to despair, life only with chaos leaves me unbalanced and in need of renewal. Life with both leads me to praise my God and love people and life.

  • Marni Arnold February 27, 2011  

    A bit of both…but mostly quiet.

    I too, am an introvert, and I find that when I can just have some solid time to my own thoughts (no expectations are looming over me to fulfill), no agenda, no calendar to abide by, the phones are off, the laptop is shut, and I can just have some time listening to the wind, the city or countryside around me, or just the silence of the room I am in…I find such deep insight come forth. Also…sitting by the beach, or in the middle of the mountains, I find a great amount of insight.

  • mandythompson February 28, 2011  

    Our church staff has been visiting and learning from other churches recently. I wish I had time to pull away and think/process what I’m learning, but I don’t currently have that time afforded to me.

    That being said, my husband was out of town for a large chunk of my weekend, which meant I got to hide away and really pull into myself. I rested. Like, the deep introverted side of me rested. I didn’t think or process or dream or anything like that… I just needed a time where I didn’t have to squeeze another drop of myself out for someone else. It felt good.

    And, now? Now I think the chaos might inspire me. Chaos works when I’m all full and energized. But, if I’m not, I need the quiet.


    • Jenni Catron February 28, 2011  

      Mandy, I think we’re wired a lot alike. Glad you got some rest this weekend!

  • Bethany Planton March 1, 2011  

    I am like you. I need a balance of time with people and time away from people. If there is a big project with a very near deadline, I need my time alone to completely focus. I thoroughly enjoy having time to myself where I can read or scrapbook. But after having coffee with a friend or hanging out with a few people I am ready to conquer the world.