Sunday Lessons

“Love is a many-splendored painful thing” Frank Sinatra edited by me

Today we started our new series 5 Things That Will Destroy Your Marriage.

I don’t think I was prepared for how sensitive this topic would be.

For those who are married… it brings to the forefront the things that aren’t so merry about marriage.

For those who are single… it triggers the longing for love and relationship.

For those who are divorced… it dredges up painful wounds and loss.

Today I was reminded that everyone has a story.  Everyone carries hurt.  Everyone experiences the extremes of love and loss.

I think sometimes I have a tendency to get lost in the current emotion of my own story and I miss the extremes someone else may be feeling.

My Sunday Lesson for today was to remain sensitive to the stories of others.  You just never know what someone else may be feeling or what wound they may be carrying.  Everyone is hurting so much more than we ever know.

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