How Do I Hear God's Voice?

Monday night I was teaching at our Cultivate Her group talking about finding our identity in Christ.  Several ladies shared stories about our tendency to find our identities in our roles as mothers, in our talents, in our achievements, etc.  In the weeks that we’ve been discussing this topic, the question always comes back to “how?”  How do I find my identity in Christ?

It seems so easy… so natural to attach our identity to the other things we named.  I suppose this is because our culture praises us for the roles, responsibilities, talents and achievements we succeed at, and so we quickly find our worth there.

My challenge for us all for this week was to find some intentional time with God.  I don’t believe we can really understand who we are in Christ unless we know Him, right?  Out of our relationship with God, we’ll begin to understand more and more of who He has created us to be and what He’s called us to do.

That conversation brought up this question: How do I hear God’s voice?

There’s not an easy answer to that question.  There’s not a magic formula or a switch we can flip.

For me, hearing God’ voice happens when I slow down, when I spend time reading his word, meditating on scripture and praying patiently.  I usually don’t hear Him when I’m in a hurry.  I don’t hear Him when I’m in a rush.  I hear him when my soul is quiet and still.

How about you?  How do you hear God’s voice?

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