Sunday Lessons

One of our staff values at Cross Point is embracing an attitude of “whatever it takes”.  (The actual value is “Exponential Innovation” but the short way of saying that is “whatever it takes.”)

I believe that influence ebbs and flows and when it’s flowing, you’ve got to seize the opportunity in a big way.  Cross Point is in a season where our ministry influence is flowing… not just a nice lazy stream, but a raging river.  We’re all doing everything we can to stay in the boat and keep afloat!

That’s where “whatever it takes” comes in.

In just two months, we’ve launched an additional campus and an extra service at our Nashville campus.  Currently that means that several of our central staff and our creative arts team are doing 6 services in one day.  In both new initiatives, it was “whatever it takes” conversations that resulted in creating more open seats for us to reach people.

Is it optimum? No

Is it convenient? No

But yesterday, as I stood at the back of the room in both of these new experiences and watched people flow in and engage in worship, I couldn’t help but think “where would they be if we hadn’t done whatever it takes?  Where would they be if we had opted to just stay comfortable and not stretch ourselves?”

I have no doubt that doing “whatever it takes” was the right thing for us to do in this moment of influence.

Now my job as a leader is to ask further questions:

  • How do we make this sustainable?
  • How do we adjust our lives/schedules to accommodate this new schedule?
  • How do we engage more volunteers and live out another value of “giving ministry back”?

If I fail to ask these questions, I will fail in rewarding my team for embracing our value of “whatever it takes”.

“Whatever it takes” doesn’t mean do whatever it takes until you crash and burn, “whatever it takes” means doing what is necessary for the moment with careful reflection and planning for the long haul.

Remember that boat that I mentioned we’re trying to stay in and keep afloat?  Excuse me while I go grab a few staff by their life vests and paddle us through the rapids. 🙂

Tell us about one of your “whatever it takes” moments.


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  • Emily March 21, 2011  

    love what you said about “whatever it takes’ is for the moment…not forever…Our “whatever it takes” attitude creates great opportunity for our personal growth and the growth of our team & organization. LOVE that kind of attitude!

    • Jenni Catron March 21, 2011  

      Thanks Emily! Will I see you Thursday at LIT?

      • Emily March 22, 2011  

        I will be there! Can’t wait to see you.

  • Natasha Robinson March 21, 2011  

    I love the quote:

    “Whatever it takes” doesn’t mean do whatever it takes until you crash and burn, “whatever it takes” means doing what is necessary for the moment with careful reflection and planning for the long haul.

    When we are operating in these dynamic “God-sized” moments it is easy to think that we can manage and control the situation. God can certainly sustain in the same manner that initially blessed our efforts to do whatever it takes. We certainly must have careful reflection to know when “whatever it takes” means sabbatical rest, and also use wisdom and discernment when planning for the long haul.

    Great post, Jenni!

    • Jenni Catron March 21, 2011  

      Natasha, thanks for expanding on that. I totally agree!

  • Patti March 26, 2011  

    “Whatever it takes” excellently describes these efforts. I will be specifically praying for the staff who are making these 6 services happen in Nashville. It is wonderful to be a part of a church determined to do “whatever it takes” to impact the lives of the people outside the church doors.

  • Debbie Pell March 30, 2011  

    Hi Jenni –
    You continue to encourage me as I follow your influence. We are also in that season of whatever it takes here in New Orleans. I am goign to pass along your insight to our ministry catalyst team and the rest of our staff. What a great reminder to do the long term planning as well. Miss seeing you and all the women of our WEP group.