Sunday Lessons

There are two things on my mind today after another great day at Cross Point.  These are personal observations of my own interactions.  And while they were set in the context of our Sunday services, these are really two transferable principals for leaders in any environment.

1) Make the first move. People are dying to be acknowledged and valued.  Be the first to offer a smile, a hello or a side hug.  I have a tendency to be reserved by nature and I will often subconsciously wait for others to initiate interaction.  If you are like me, you have to resist this and push yourself to make the first move.  It will matter to others!

2) Fight the urge to move on. Oftentimes on Sundays there are so many people that I need to interact with that I will rush conversations and not be fully present in any of them.  In the pressure that I feel to try to talk to everyone, I end up talking to no one.  Be present in each moment and each conversation – resist the urge to move on too quickly.

What are some of your “people principals”?

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  • Jeremy @ ConfessionsofaLegalist April 10, 2011  

    Great comment about making the first move. I am the same way and have to make myself do this. I was at a banquet for the homeless tonight. I made the first move some but not enough.

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