Refine Our Marriage Seminar

We recently finished up an amazing series at Cross Point called “5 Things that Will Destroy Your Marriage”.  We ran the gamut of emotions as we processed the health or lack of health in our marriages and/or relationships… intense, funny, uncomfortable, awkward, painful.

I think most of us took some big steps forward in making our relationships everything that God has designed for them.

But it can’t stop with just that series.

Relationships are tough.  They require work.  At times, they require healing.  They always require intentionality.

That’s why we’re creating an opportunity for our couples to take another big step…

Justin & Trish Davis are going to be offering their Refine Our Marriage Seminar at Cross Point Bellevue on Friday, April 29th & Saturday, April 30th.

Here’s an overview of the schedule & registration details:

Friday Night:

6:00-6:30-Arrive and Registration

6:30-7:15-Session #1

7:30-8:15-Session #2

8:30 pm-Dismiss



8:30-9:15-Session 3

9:30-10:15-Session 4

10:30-11:15-Session 5

11:30-12:15 Session 6

The cost is $35 PER COUPLE and child care will be provided for $5 per child or a maximum of $10 per family. You can register in two ways for this event. Email or you can send a check for $35 with Refine Our Marriage in the memo to:

Cross Point Church

7669 HWY 70S.

Nashville, TN 37221

If you live in or around Nashville, we’d love to have you join us for this time together.

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